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  • Advantage Flea Treatment
    Advantage was introduced 8 years ago to control fleas infestation. Advantage flea treatment repels fleas from biting in minutes and starts killing them within an hour of application.

  • Advantix Flea Treatment
    Advantix flea treatment is designed not only to repel and kill ticks and fleas but also to kill and repel mosquitoes fast before they can bite.

  • Articles
    In this section, you will find many interesting and informative articles on flea control and flea treatment. More articles will be added as and when they are available so do come back and check for new additions.

  • Cat Health And Fleas – How Do Fleas Affect Your Cat’s Health?
    Fleas are not only a nusiance but also the cause of many health problems in cats. This article on Cat Health and Fleas will tell you what are some of the cat fleas health hazards commonly seen.

  • Dog Flea and Tick Treatment – How to Choose the Best?
    A guide on Dog flea and tick treatment for all dog owners wanting to choose the best flea treatment medicines and products for their dogs.

  • Dog Flea Control – What Are Your Options?
    Many dog flea control products are available. Dog owners are finding it difficult to decide on a suitable one. This article provides tips what's available and how to choose the right one for your dog.

  • Flea
    There are various types of fleas which include dog flea, cat flea and human flea. Understanding some facts about fleas will help in efforts to control them.

  • Flea And Tick Medicines - What You Need To Know
    Flea and tick medicines may contain ingredients that are toxic to pets. This article provides a guideline in arming pet owners with the necessary knowledge in choosing the right one for their pets.

  • Flea And Tick Yard Control
    The need to treat outdoor environment is often overlooked in flea and tick treatment for homes. However, without carrying out a proper " flea and tick yard control ", a reinfestation is inevitable.

  • Flea Bite
    Flea bite may causes pain and itching. In some highly sensitive human, dogs or cats, the flea bite may even cause intense itch and rash throughout the whole body.

  • Flea Bite picture
    Most of us would have been bitten by fleas at some time. What do flea bites look like. Flea bite picture on human and dogs included.

  • Flea Bite Reaction & Flea Bite Symptom
    Most commonly seen flea bite reactions and flea bite symptoms are itch, inflammed skin. Effective treatment for these are discussed.

  • Flea Bite Treatment
    Flea bite treatment involved mainly the use of anti-inflammatory agents and anti-itch products to relieve the allergic reactions caused by the flea bites.

  • Flea Bites On People – What does a flea bite look like & What are the flea bite symptoms
    Itching all over but have no idea what have bitten you? Flea bites on people are one of the most commonly seen insects' bites. Learn to recognise what does a flea bite look like and its symptoms.

  • Flea Collar
    Flea collar was popular among pet owners because of its convience but have recently fallen out of favour because of the adverse effects associated with its use.

  • Flea Comb
    Use of flea comb is the first line of defense against fleas. This page describes how the proper use of a flea comb can help to keep the flea population under control

  • Flea Control
    A total guide to flea control which will show you how to use an integrated plan and effective products to get rid of fleas in pets, houses, gardens and yards.

  • Flea Control For Cats - What’s the Best Flea Control For Cat?
    Looking for advice on Flea Control For Cats ? This article provides you with a detail plan on what flea treatment medicine to use and what you can do to get rid of cat fleas completely

  • Flea Control With Boric Acid
    Flea control with boric acid, an effective flea killer, is commonly used in homes with carpets. This article provides step- by-step procedures on how to use boric acid powder effectively to kill fleas.

  • Flea Facts
    Knowing some flea facts will help greatly in controlling flea infestation.

  • Flea Medicine
    Flea medicine for controlling flea include the use of flea spray and topical spot-on like advantage, frontline, frontline plus, revolution and advantix.

  • Flea Powder
    Flea Powder have fallen out of favour due to it's questional efficacy and safety. Many pet owners are using effective products like spray and spot-on instead.

  • Flea Shampoo
    Flea Shampoo, together with the use of a flea comb, is the first line of defense against fleas in dogs and cats. Learn how to use flea shampoo effectively.

  • Flea Treatment For Pets
    Flea Treatment for pets include the use of effective anti-flea products like spray and spot-on. Maintaining overall health of your pets is also important in flea control.

  • Frontline Flea And Tick Products
    Many counterfeits of Frontline flea and tick products are appearing in the market. This article shows how you differentiate between the genuine and counterfeits frontline products.

  • Frontline Flea Treatment
    Frontline flea treatment is active against both fleas and ticks. It is designed to be quick acting, long lasting and waterproof. Frontline plus is also active against flea eggs and larvae.

  • Get rid of flea in house
    Fleas may be around every corner of house beside your pets. This page discuss the various means to effectively and completely get rid of flea in house.

  • Home Remedies For Killing Fleas on Dogs
    Home remedies for killing fleas on dogs are gaining in popularity as more toxic ill effects are reported with use of synthetic products. This article teaches you how to get rid of dog fleas naturally at home.

  • Home Treatment For Flea Bites On People
    Human Fleas bites are one of the most commonly seen insects’ bites.This article list some home treatment for flea bites on people that you can use to relief the symptoms of flea bites.

  • House Flea Control
    Beside treating your pets for fleas, house flea control is just as important in getting rid of flea in your house. Discuss on how both indoor and outdoor flea control can be done.

  • How to Choose a Cat Flea Medicine
    If you are a cat owner and wanting to know how to choose a cat flea medicine for your kitty, this article will reveal tips on what to look out for when selecting a cat flea treatment product.

  • How to Choose a Good Cat Flea Treatment Medicine
    Confused as to which cat flea treatment medicine to choose from the wide range available? This article porvide tips to guide you in selecting one which is both suitable and effective for your cat.

  • How To Get Fleas Out Of Carpets ?
    Having flea in your house and looking for ways on how to get fleas out of carpets ? Read on for tips on effective flea control through carpet cleaning.

  • How to kill fleas in your house ?
    Having fleas in the house ? Looking for effective means on how to kill fleas in your house ? If this is you then read on for a step-by-step plan to help you in getting rid of fleas in house.

  • Killing Dog Fleas – What’s available.
    Dog owner are always looking for the best dog flea killer for killing dog fleas. This article list what's available in the market to help dog owners in their search for the safest flea medication.

  • Kitten Flea Control – How to get rid of fleas on kittens?
    Seeking for advice on kitten flea control ? Read on as this provide a step by step procedure to getting rid of fleas on kittens safely and effectively.

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  • Natural Flea Control
    For people who are concerned with the use of chemical anti-flea products, this site provides useful information on natural flea control

  • Natural Flea Remedy
    Flea has become increasingly resistant to synthetic chemicals made to control them. Natural flea remedy would provide safer and non-toxic way to control flea.

  • Outdoor Flea Control
    Outdoor flea control. Keeping your lawn & yard flea-free is easy with use of Diatomaceous earth and Nematodes which is both effective and safe.

  • Program Flea Control
    Program flea control comes in an oral tablet or suspension given to dogs and cats. It prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing and is used as a preventive measure against fleas infestation.

  • Revolution Flea Treatment
    Revolution Flea Treatment is a comprehensive, preventative treatment against heartworms, fleas, ticks, ear mites and sarcoptic mange for dogs and cats.

  • Sentinel Flea Control
    Sentinel flea control is an effective "birth control" pill for fleas. Suitable for preventive control of fleas and ticks in both cats and dogs

  • The Natural Approach To Flea Control
    The Natural Approach to Flea control will show you how flea control cab be done using purely effective natural products.

  • Treating Flea Bites On Dogs
    Flea bites dermatitis is commonly seen in dogs. This article describe some home remedies used in treating flea bites on dogs and what you can do to eradicate this problem completely.

  • Types of Fleas
    There are many types of fleas but the most commonly seen is the dog flea and the cat flea. Picture of flea included.

  • Understanding The Flea Life Cycle
    Understanding the Flea life cycle is critical in getting rid of flea. Give you a basic description of the flea cycle to better plan for controlling the flea population.

  • What is Cat Flea Allergy and what you can do to treat them?
    Cat flea allergy is caused by fleas. Symptoms include scratching and biting, inflammed and balding patches. Read on to find out how to identify flea bite dermatitis and how to treat them.

  • What Is The Best Flea Treatment For Dogs ?
    Looking for a flea treatment for dogs but do not know which to choose? Read on to get some useful tips on how to choose a suitable flea control product for your dog.


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