Dog Flea and Tick Treatment – How to Choose the Best?

My dog is having Fleas and Ticks! Now what treatment can I use to get rid of them?

Confused about choosing an appropriate flea and tick treatment?Well not to worry, as you are definitely not the only one asking this question. In fact, this question is usually the first to be asked by pet owners when they found out that their dogs or cats are infested with fleas.

There are many different brands of flea and tick medicines available commercially. They may vary in terms of the prices, the range of parasitic activities, the mode and ease of application and many other options that would make even the most knowledgeable pet owner confused. As such, it’s always deem to be a difficult task for pet owners in choosing one that is both effective, suitable and safe for their pets.

In considering the choice of a flea and tick medicine, the decision of pet owners is usually govern by the following considerations:

  1. The pet itself whether it’s a dog or a cat as some are meant solely for dogs and may be harmful when used on cats
  2. The parasites that you intent to treat your pet for. Is it fleas or ticks or is it both?
  3. The age of your pet. Some of the available anti fleas products may not be safe for young puppies and kittens
  4. The possible side effects
  5. Lastly, the cost of treatment.

Learn to read the labels on the products and determine if it meets all your needs stated above. If you are looking for one for your cat then be sure that it is stated so on the label as “For Use on Cats” only. Likewise, look for one for dogs only if you are treating your dog.

Some flea medicines are solely active against fleas and not on ticks. If ticks are found on your dog, then look for a product that indicate that it does kill off ticks and not only fleas.

For puppies, it’s particularly important to choose one that is suitable for their use. Unless it is stated safe for puppies, don’t buy them.

Currently, there are four popular topically applied products commonly used and they are  Advantage, Frontline Plus, K9Advantix and Revolution.... Each of these is unique.

Beside flea and tick medicines, there are also safer options that you can consider. Use of flea combs, though not able to eradicate all fleas and ticks, is simple and cheap. Flea and tick shampoos will also help in getting rid of some fleas or ticks. There are also many natural products like Diatomaceous (DE) powder which have proven to be just as effective though a little messy to use.

A section in this website “Flea Treatment For Pets” has provided an in depth coverage on flea and tick treatment that would equip you with the necessary information to enable you in choosing a flea treatment product best suited for your pet.

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