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Flea Bite Reaction & Flea Bite Symptom

Fleas are very "hardworking" and they can bite it's host repeatedly and sucked up to many times their body weight of blood from it's host. Thereafter, laying hundreds of eggs to carry on their "work" generation after generation. The repeated bites can cause it's host to develop flea bite reaction and flea bite symptom.

In Human, a flea bite may not leave a mark on them but produces a small red spot in the centre surrounded by a reddened halo (See Flea Bite Picture) .Fleas tend to attack human mostly on the legs and ankle usually resulting in 2 or 3 bites in a row. The bites can be felt immediately which felt something like an ant bite. Then itch develops later which can become increasingly intense and the affected area may become sore for as long as a week. Children tend to be more sensitive to flea bites than adults and a rash over their body can be commonly seen in them.

In Dogs and cats, the most commonly seen flea bite allergy reactions and symptoms include the following:

  • Frequent scratching, chewing and licking in dogs or cats especially towards the tail end.
  • Small raise skin lesions that may resemble insects bite. 
  • Pain and itching. The itch may be very intense depending on the sensitivity of the cat, dog or person to the flea bites. Generally, in highly sensitive dogs or cats, the whole body may be affected and constant itching and scratching will eventually lead to loss of hair and multiple bald patches are seen throughout the entire body. This lead to
  • Flea bite dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) or what we commonly call hot spots or flea bite rash. 
  • Allergy hypersensitive reactions with swelling or blistering resulting from an allergy to the saliva of fleas and in severe cases may lead to flea bite infection.
  • As a result of blood loss through the flea bites, anaemia may occur leading to lethargy, weight loss, weakness, pale gums and breathlessness. In cats, this is known as Feline Infectious Anaemia

 The following pictures show a dog suffering from flea bite dermatitis.


Photos of Flea Bite Dermatitis on a dog:

      Flea bite allergy


          "Hot Spot" caused by exposure to flea bites

Hot spot or flea bite dermatitis

Interestingly, human, dog or cat each has their own tolerance and sensitivities towards flea bites. You may have 2 pets or human living in the same environment but one may react violently to the flea bites with full bloom allergic dermatitis while the other may not be the least bit affected.

Various Flea Bite Treatment are available to relieve these symptoms.




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