Flea Bites Pictures


Curious to know what do flea bites look like? Then take a look at these flea bites pictures on humans as well as some flea bites pictures on dogs as well.

Flea Bites On Humans

Most of us would have been bitten by fleas at one time or another especially if you have a pet at home.

Flea bites on humans can be mistaken for a rash; each bite has a small red spot in the center surrounded by a red halo. And unlike some other insect bites, there is not much swelling associated with flea bites. Itch caused by these bites are due to an allergic reaction to flea bite and sensitivity to fleas. This may varies from one person to another. Children tend to be more adversely affected as compared to adults. 

Flea bites are commonly seen around the leg, feet, waist and between folds of skin.

What do flea bites look like?

Here are some flea bites pictures.

The following shows some pictures of flea bites on humans:


Flea Bite Picture - 'Human Flea Bite"

  Flea Bite On Human

Notice that flea bites usually occurs in multiples rather than just a single bite spot.  

Flea Bites On Dogs

In both dogs and cats, bites from a single flea will usually have minimal effect on them. However, like human, if the cat or dog is allergic or hypersensitive to the flea bites, the reactions could be immediate and intense leading to itch and eventually hair loss and skin lesions. Below shows flea bites pictures on dogs.

In dogs and cats that are infested with fleas, you will normally see them biting the base of their tail and scratching frequently. As such, you will usually see bald patches appearing towards the end of the tail. Also, fleas feces (which appears like specks of black pepper) will be most abundant in this area. In severely affected dogs and cats, you will see red inflamed spots throughout its body and hot spots are often a result of flea bites. Thickened skin with darkened areas can be seen in severe cases. Often, these hypersensitivity reactions to flea bites are mistaken as merely skin disorders and treatments are aimed at resolving the skin problem rather than removing the cause of the problem which is fleas. Only by getting rid of the fleas in your dog can the problem be resolved completely.

There are various ways to treat yor pets when they are infested with fleas. Using a flea comb can remove some of the fleas and coupled with some effective flea medications, fleas can be eradicated completely.

Take a look at the section on Flea Treatment For Pets whereby you would find various ways and products used to help in the removal of fleas from your pets.

 Picture of flea bite on dog  flea bites on dog


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