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Flea Treatment For Pets

Your first detection of flea will most likely be on your pet. Fleas spend most of their time on pets. While they may end up in your carpet and bedding, they seek warmth and a food source and so are likely to jump back onto your pet or onto you.

Flea bites causes itching and pets infested with fleas are mostly likely to be seen scratching their body most of the time.  Fleas dislike light and hence you are most likely to find them on your pet's belly and inner thighs.

Fleas also tend to leave behind "flea dirt" which looks like black pepper specks scattered on the surface of the skin. Here is a picture of a dog with "flea dirt"

Flea Treatment - picture of "Flea dirt" on dog"Flea dirt" are actually flea feces and they contain mostly digested blood that they fed on from the pet. To confirm, simply dust off some of the specks onto a white piece of paper. Sprinkle some water onto it. After a few minutes, you should see stains of blood spreading out. If you see this, then it's definitely flea dirt and your pet is definitely having fleas!


It's time you declare war against this pest!

Basically, there are 2 major areas of focus for flea treatment on your pets.


1. Your pet's internal health

The most important part in dog flea treatment or cat flea treatment is maintaining a good overall health of your pet. Fleas tend to be attracted to animals with compromised health while healthy ones do not taste or smell as good to fleas. To start off with, give your pet a well balance diet. A Raw diet is highly recommended as cooking tend to destroy most if not all of the nutritional elements in them. However, if a home cook or raw balance diet is not possible, then choose a premium brand commercial food.

When choosing a Commercial pet food, read the contents carefully. Here is a simple guideline for selecting a commercial pet food:

  • Make sure that label has an "AAFCO Guarantee"
  • Never buy a food containing "By-product meal" or "meat and bone meal". These are the most inexpensive sources of animal protein and the quality can vary from batch to batch and hence not a reliable source of nutrition for your pet
  • Look for a named meat or meal eg lamb or chicken meal instead of a generic meat as the first ingredient
  • In general select brands promoted as "natural". While these are not perfect either, they are better than most. Also look for the preservatives used. Select those that are naturally preserved with Vitamins C & E instead of chemical preservatives like BHA, NHT, ethoxyquin)
  • Check expiry date to ensure freshness and when you open the bag, there should be no rancid smell.

Only Natural Pet Store keeps a wide range of natural pet food that you may choose from.

Supplementing the commercial diet (which may be lacking in certain nutrients)  with vitamins would help. There are also a "wide range of natural vitamins and supplements" available in only natural pet shop.


2. Topical control and environmental control

Part of the integrated plan in controlling flea infestation is prevent fleas from attacking your pets and your home. As such, even before the flea season begins in summer, it is wise to start your flea control measures in Spring. 

As a preventive measure, the administration of an oral flea control tablets like Program & Sentinel would be helpful. These tablets act by breaking the flea cycle which prevents the flea eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas.

However, once fleas are found on your pets, the use of the oral flea control tablets alone will not be sufficient and additional flea control products need to be used to effectively control the fleas population from multiplying . This would include the use of flea comb, Flea shampoo, Flea collar, Flea powder and Flea medicine.  

As for the environment, this would include the whole house (living hall, rooms, garden, backyard etc). These areas need to be treated as well because it is highly likely that fleas on your pets would have "jump" off your pet onto the surrounding environment.

Many times, people failed in their attempts to get rid of fleas in the house. As will be discussed in more details later, the main reason is because they do not realise the importance in doing so. Treating pets alone would not solve your problem. the environment needs to be treated as well to prevent reinfestation. There are flea killer products available in the market that can readily eliminate this pest in your house. Read more on "How to get rid of flea in your house"

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