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Flea Bite Pictures

Most of us would have been bitten by fleas at some time especially if you have a pet at home. What do flea bites look like?. The following shows a picture of flea bite on human:

Flea bite pictures

Flea bites can be mistaken for a rash; each bite has a small red spot in the center surrounded by a red halo. And unlike some other insect bites, there is not much swelling associated with flea bites. Itch caused by these bites are due to an allergic reaction and sensitivity to fleas and this may varies from one person to another. Children tend to be more adversely affected as compared to adults.

In both cats and dogs, bites from a single flea will have minimal effect on them. However, like human, if the cat or dog is allergic or hypersensitive to the flea bites, the reactions could be immediate and intense leading to itch and eventually hair loss and skin lesions. The pictures below show a dog which was badly affected by flea bites.

In dogs and cats that are infested with fleas, you will normally see them biting the base of their tail and scratching frequently. As such, you will usually see bald patches appearing towards the end of the tail. Also, fleas feces (which appears like specks of black pepper) will be most abundant in this area. In severely affected dogs and cats, you will see red inflamed spots throughout its body and hot spots are often a result of fleas bites.

 Pictures of flea bite on dogs                       flea bites on dogs


Treatment of flea bites on dogs and cats would depend on the severity of the bites. a simple application of a antihistamine cream may suffice but in severe cases, oral administration of steroids may be required.

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