How To Get Fleas Out Of Carpets ?

Having pets around the house could be a great joy and pleasure. You must have heard it all… pets are loyal companions, they give you unconditional love, they share your joy and unhappiness so on and so forth. But, having a pet comes the problem of having to deal pest like fleas as well. This is something that all pet owners would frowned upon as it may involve great effort, time and money to get rid of fleas. The walls, the floors and furniture all have to clean and treated. What’s worst is when you have carpets. Carpets are very good breeding grounds for fleas and carpet cleaning for fleas can be a very challenging task. If this is what you are encountering, then read on for tips on how to get fleas out of carpets.

It’s not the adult fleas, that you get to see on your dog or cat, that are usually found in carpets. Fleas lay most of their eggs on the carpets. The eggs will hatch into larva. You would find mostly flea eggs and larva on a carpet rather than the adult fleas. As such, your treatment or choice of product may differ from what you use on your pets. You may have to look for a flea killer for carpets instead.

The first step in your flea control through carpet cleaning is to vacuum. Use a vacuum cleaner that has a powerful suction. You need the high suction power in order to suck out the clinging larva in the carpets. The flea eggs and larvae will go into the vacuum bag and hence the bag would have to be disposed off immediately.

Take note that the vacuum cleaner will suck up the adult fleas and eggs pretty easily. But when it comes to the larva, it may not be that easy to remove them. They tend to cling onto the carpet. Your next option is to shampoo your carpet. Soak your carpet in hot soapy water or simply put it into a hot dryer. The soap and heat will kill off the eggs and larva. Alternatively, you may want to spray you carpet with a flea spray like Adams Flea & Carpet Spray  that contains a growth inhibitor Nylar. Nylar will interrupt the life cycle of fleas and keeps the flea population down.

If you are uneasy with use of pesticides to treat carpets, there is another safer option. Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus, is a product containing borate powder which is considered a much safer option to that of using pesticide. The borate powder is finely milled and is able to cling on to carpet well giving a long lasting effect usually up to a year. Only a small quantity needs to be used at one time.

Remember that carpet cleaning for fleas is only one of the steps towards getting rid of fleas in your house. To eradicate the fleas completely, you have to follow an integrated plan whereby all areas of your house must be covered or treated. That would include your pets, indoor environment like your living halls, bedrooms, kitchen and not forgetting your garden or lawn. Miss out any part of your house and you are heading towards failure in your attempts to wipe out the fleas completely. For a step by step plan, make sure you check out the section on "How to Get Rid Of Fleas In Your House"

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