How to Get Rid Of Fleas In Your House ?


You see fleas on your doggie and kitty but have you ever wonder where on earth did they get these pesky little thing from?

Dog fleas and cat fleas are not something that your pets are born with. So, in other words, they must have got it from somewhere and that is the surrounding environment. Flea treatment or flea control would be useless and unsuccessful if these environment is not treated at all.

After getting rid of fleas on your pets, your next concern would be:


How to get rid of fleas in your house?

 How to get rid og fleas in your house getting rid of fleas in house 


If you take a look at the flea life cycle, you would notice that more than 90% of the fleas are in your house and not on your pets. What you see on your dog or cat are the adult fleas. At all times, the adult fleas make up only less than 5% of the fleas in the entire flea life cycle. The rest of it will either be in the eggs, larvae or cocoons stages that are residing all over your house. And these are what you have to get rid of in order to keep your house flea free.

By the time you discover a few fleas on your pet, thousands of the flea eggs must have fallen into the carpet and cracks in the floor by this time. You can treat your dog or cat with the best flea products available but what good does it make if thousand of fleas eggs will hatched, larvae will crawled out and then the coccons will developed into more adult fleas. These hungry fleas will once again jumped onto your pet and begin the whole cycle once again leading to an endless cycle of re-infestation in your house.

So do you see why it is simply useless just to treat your dogs or cats now?

What you need is an integrated plan in flea control. The importance is in of treating both pets and its surrounding environment at the same time.

In referring to "the house", both indoor and outdoor like the garden and yard are included.

As your tretament plan and products to be used for indoors and outdoors are different, I have splitted this section into two whereby we would cover in more details on how to Get rid of fleas in house and more on Outdoor Flea Control

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