Flea Life Cycle

Understanding the Life Cycle of a Flea


The flea life cycle is exactly the same as that of butterflies:

Adult Fleas---->Eggs---->Larvae---->Pupae

Female fleas will lay eggs which will develop into larvae. The larva will spin cacoon and turn into pupae. An adult flea will emerge from the pupa and the whole flea life cycle is repeated over again.

Lets take a look at more detail at the various life stages of the fleas.

Adult Stage of fleas

The entire life cycle of a flea can range from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the external conditions. When it's warm and humid i.e. during the summer time, they are most active and likewise a shorter life span. During unfavorable periods like winter, they are less active and hence you would expect them to have a longer life-span. The adult flea prefers to live on an animal and their main diet is the blood from its host. One adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day.

Fleas' Eggs

The eggs of the fleas are not sticky and they fall off from their animal host easily onto the floor, carpets, beddings, soil where they will hatch within 1 to 10 days depending on the environmental conditions. Flea eggs are easily killed by high temperature (>35 degrees C)

Fleas Larvae

The larvae will last between 5-11 days depending on the amount of food available and the environmental conditions. They feed on the undigested blood of the adult fleas droppings and development of this stage takes place off the host animals. The fleas larvae prefer dark environment and burrow down available material like carpets, furniture, cracks on floor etc. They are easily drown in water and are killed by heat (>35 degrees C)

Fleas Pupae

The favourite hiding place for the flea cocoon or pupa are carpets. Thick carpets serve as a protective covering for them and hence fogger could not reach them. It grows into an adult fleas in 1 week to 6 months depending on external environment and is easily killed by heat (>35 degrees C)

The following shows the approximate percentage of infestation in the 4 stages of the fleas life cycle:

Flea Life Cycle



 Flea Life Cycle - Picture of Adult fleaAdult Flea  5%
 how to get rid of fleas-Flea cocoonFlea Pupae  10%
 how to get rid of fleas-Fleas larvaeFlea Larvae  35%
 how to get rid of fleas-Fleas eggsFlea Eggs  50%


So do you see now that simply working on getting rid of the adult fleas will not solve your problem? The larvae, eggs & cocoon will still be "alive" and will not be affected at all. These will eventually turn into adult fleas and that's why your problem will seems to be never-ending as the whole cycle repeats itself all over again and again.

Now, armed with this simple knowledge of the life cycle of the fleas, we are now ready to strategise and choose the right products as well as the right means of getting rid of the fleas effectively and completely.

But first of all, Take a look at how a flea bite looks like


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