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What Is The Best Flea Treatment For Dogs ?

- Tips on how to choose a suitable dog flea remedy


If you are a dog Owner, chances are that you have dealt with the problem of fleas at one time or another and you would probably agree that it’s really an uphill task in trying get rid of these pesky little things on your dog.

Fleas are much-dreaded pest to all dog owners. Though they have a relatively short life span of 6-12 months, they can reproduce at an alarming rate. With only one flea, you can end up having millions off springs. They are known to be hardy and are able to survive well in a variety of environment. This makes getting rid of them a difficult task indeed.

Fleas can cause harm to dogs. For dogs that are sensitive to flea bites, they may end up having a mild skin irritation or in severe cases, they may develop a severe allergic reaction resulting in baldness, intense itch and inflammation throughout their body.

Fleas feed on blood on dogs and hence may cause anemia and eventual death of your dog if left untreated.

There are many flea control products available. You can easily find some off the shelves of supermarket or departmental stores while some are strictly available only in veterinary clinics. Because of the wide choice available, many dog owners very often are baffled as to which flea treatment is best for their dogs.

There are the flea combs. These are very fine tooth comb designed specially to remove fleas from your pets. Then, we have flea shampoos, which contain an active ingredient, either natural or chemical, which act by killing off fleas on your dog during bath. Flea sprays were popular at one time and then there are the latest spot-on topical solution and oral growth regulator for fleas that are conveniently pack for ease of application.

What you have to know is that though there are many of such products available, different flea treatment products for dogs work in different ways. They have varying levels of effectiveness and kill different flea stages i.e. the eggs, larvae, and adults. One may be effective against the adult fleas but is simply harmless to the eggs or larvae. Using one may not be effective and very often, you may need a combination of these products to effectively get rid of the fleas.

Your choice of a flea treatment product is very important and it may very well determine whether you would succeed or fail in your battle against fleas

Remember that the flea treatment for dogs require both patience and perseverance. The life cycle of fleas is 3 to 4 weeks and hence you would expect at least that long a time to completely rid your dog of this enemy. More often than not, it takes a much longer time than this before you can declare your dog flea free.

Full details on what products, how they act, what they are active against, dose and how to use them are available in the section “Flea Treatment For Pets”. Check this out to find one that is suitable for your dog



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